10 Awesome Jailbreak Tweaks Work On iOS 8 [Video]

Although iOS 8 jailbreak is here, we still gathering tweaks that support iOS 8 new jailbreak. Many developers stared developing their tweaks and getting ready to update them in order to work perfectly on iOS 8. Right now we've got 10 awesome jailbreak tweaks that you really should try on your newly jailbroken iPhone running on iOS 8.

Right now we've got a video made by iDB that show the best 10 tweaks that totally support iOS 8 and work greatly on it, check the video: 

Note: Cydia’s purchasing system is down right now, and some of the items below, though not many, are paid apps. With that in mind, you will not be able to download any paid apps unless you’ve already purchased them in the past. This will be resolved once Saurik finishes updating Cydia for iOS 8. Also, not all apps and tweaks will work on the 6 or 6 Plus as of yet.


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