Two Times Stronger iPhone 6 battery makes another appearance on photos

In the past few months, we've seen alleged photos of 1,810mAh, 2,100mAh, and 2,915mAh batteries for Apple's next generation iPhone 6. Today new photos has just surfed showing the strongest 2,915mAh module. The photos were posted by the French publication [Google Translate].
Featuring a capacity of 2,915mAh versus the iPhone 5s’s 1,560mAh package, this prototype battery should theoretically allow the iPhone 6 to last longer on a single charge and get your through the day without recharging.

But it is said that Apple will advertise the iPhone 6 as having the same battery life as the iPhone 5s. That’s because an increase in the battery capacity could be offset by a bigger screen which draws more power. Same could be said for other rumored new components such as an NXP-made NFC chip for mobile payments, faster graphics and more.

According to sourced who spoke to iGen recently, the battery in the 5.5-inch device should be over 2,915 mAh, or almost twice the size of the iPhone 5s’s 1,560mAh battery.

If true, then the 4.7-inch variant should be outfitted with a 2,915 or 1,810mAh battery. At any rate, Apple should be wise to finally address the iPhone battery complaints, even more so given Samsung’s aggressive ‘Wall Huggers’ marketing campaign and the fact that flagship Android devices feature 3,000+ mAh batteries.
Apple last week issued invites for a media event set to take place next Tuesday, September 9, at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Apple’s hometown of Cupertino, strongly hinting at the importance of the upcoming announcements.

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