Those Kids Film Themselves Bending The iPhone 6 In the Apple Store

We've seen many people bending their new Apple's iPhone 6 device showing manufacturing defects in Apple's latest products, although the company said only 9 people complained.. Anyway earlier today two kids in the U.K. going into an Apple Store and bending the iPhone 6 Plus units on display.

At the beginning of the video, the two kids foolishly showed their faces at the start of the video then uploaded it YouTube, thinking they would not get caught. By the time they tried to take down the clip, it had already been mirrored and reuploaded to YouTube.

The video shows them trying to bend various iPhones 6 units in the store. The iPhone 6 Plus bends until the display pops out; however, the iPhone 6 did not bend as easily. The two then ask an Apple employee about whether the new smartphone really bends and are told that it doesn't under regular use.

At the end of the video the kids concludes that the iPhone 6 Plus really does have a bending problem and that Apple needs to fix it because "this is just f—ing stupid." Unfortunately, they didn't reach the same conclusion about posting that video.

Here's the video:

Finally I just need to say something to these silly kids: Why don't you treat the iPhone 6/6+ like an expensive equipment, why would you bend it ? As long as you use it carefully, I'm sure you will not face any problem with it... Stop complaining kids...

[Via BGR


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