This Trick Allows You To Refresh The App Store

Have you ever wanted to refresh the App Store on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch ? Maybe you are waiting for an update or waiting for a new app to be released very soon, so that you are doing a refresh to the App Store from time to another... Since the App Store doesn't have a refresh button, I used to force close the app, and reopen it to check for new updates.

But in iOS 8, it looks like that there is a new tricky way that allows you to refresh the App Store without having to close it each time. . I’m not sure if it was purposely done, or if it’s a bug, or what. All I know is that this refresh trick works on iOS 8, and it doesn’t appear to work on lesser firmware.

Firstly check out this video guide:

Finally here's what you should to do:

Step 1: Launch the App Store app.

Step 2: Tap any tab 10 times.

Step 3: Watch as the App Store refreshes.

That's it, you are done, but there is some notes you have to know: 
  • The tap that you use to switch to a tab counts as a tap, so, it may seem like only 9 taps in total.
  • This work on both the iTunes Store app, and the iBooks Store. Oddly enough, the iBooks Store only seems to require 5 taps, not 10.
It is a pretty trick that will give you more chance to quickly refresh the App Store without needing to close/open the app store every time..


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