This Is Apple Watch !

"One More thing" That's what they are saying right now on the stage.. Apple’s finally taken the wraps off its highly-anticipated wearable device during the invite-only press event held Tuesday morning at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in its hometown of Cupertino, California.

They're calling it the Apple watch and it files as the first truly category-defining product released since Steve Jobs’ passing and under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook.
Featuring a square display with the rectangular bezel and curved edges, the stylish device sports circular user interface elements.
It comes in silver, gold and black and is available with different straps.

On the side of the flexible, sapphire crystal glass Retina display of the Apple Watch lies the Digital Crown, a small, circular dial that you can use to scroll, zoom and navigate the smartwatch without covering the display with your fingers or palm of your hand.

Digital Crown can be used to magnify content, scroll through lists and messages and make selections, all without obstructing the screen.

As expected, Siri is one of the defining features of the device, allowing you to ask all sorts of questions, dictate to the watch to reply to messages and more.
Apple Watches can communicate between themselves, allowing you to send content to a friend’s device, like drawings (yes, you can jot down notes on this thing), medical data such as your heart rates, etc.

Oh, and the Apple Watch comes in two sizes — optimized for men and women — with the matching straps. And if you don’t fancy the normal editions, Apple also has an 18-karat gold version.

How do you like the iWatch so far?



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