This Could Be The First iPhone 6 Video [PREVIEW]

Although we are getting near to September 9, this didn't stop a guy from Mandarin to demos a number of features that is expected to be seen in the next iPhone 6, the features like Touch ID, Camera, Photos, settings and more..

Shared by French blog [Google Translate] and running seven minutes and seventeen seconds long, the interesting clip found after the break is not of Gizmodo’s iPhone 4 magnitude.

While it is quite possible that it is one of the iPhone clones running Android-based iOS skin, the polish of the OS shown in the video strongly suggests that the device may be genuine. I really hope it is not the real deal as it has the ugly antenna bands. It is also quite odd that this guy is not worried about revealing his identify.

Here's the video:

My Mandarin is a little rusty, but here’s what I was able to glean from comments.
  • The unit shown on the vide has Touch ID, but some of the plentiful Android-based clones also come with a Touch ID of sorts which, however, doesn’t incorporate the actual fingerprint reader and instead takes you to the Home screen immediately when you touch the Home button.
  • The reviewer says that the iPhone 6 is noticeably faster versus the iPhone 5s while noting its thinner and a lot lighter appearance.
  • the purported 4.7-inch unit can still be operated comfortably with one hand due to the skinnier side bezels.
  • The rear camera protrudes from the shell like on other leaked photos and the stock Camera app feels a lot faster, though the reviewer could’t determine the image resolution
  • The Health app “may” connect to an iWatch.
What do you think ?


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