The iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 are not as bendable as believed, Consumer Reports unveil!

The whole media are now talking about the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus #BendGate. Most of people on the internet are complaining about the iPhone 6 bend-ability although they don't own it and didn't try it at all. And after the release of Apple's official response saying that only 9 customers complained among more than 10 millions, Consumer Reports unveil new information about the bend gate!

Consumer Reports tested many smartphones including the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Note 3 and more. They put them through the "three-point flexural test", which has the phone supported at two ends and has pressure applied at a third point.
Consumer Reports' tests pushed the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus much further than [Apple's test of 55 pounds of force]. We started light, applying 10 pounds of force for 30 seconds, then releasing the force. Then we upped the force in 10-pound increments, noted when the phones first started to deform (that's what our engineers call it) and stopped the test for each phone when we saw the screen come loose from the case.
One of the surprising things that the iPhone 6 Plus is actually stronger than the iPhone 6 since the phablet one deforms at 90 pounds of force while the standard one deforms at 70 pounds only.

The Samsung Note 3 tops all smartphones in this test by deforming at 150 pounds of force. However, it's not metal like the iPhone.

So there's no "indestructible" phone as the magazine showed. But they're all safe for everyday use. And yes, iPhone users, don't worry at all!

[Source: MacRumors]


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