Steve Jobs Prevented his kids become iPad and iPhone addicts

Apple's later CEO Steve Jobs was a great and successful man who brought smart devices like the iPhone and the iPad to the lives of millions of people all around the world..  But it looks like that the genius Steve Jobs had different opinion about using technology at his household.

In a phone conversation with NYT’s Nick Bilton during the iPad’s launch 2010, Jobs said that his kids haven’t used the iPad.

From  New York Times:
Nothing shocked me more than something Mr. Jobs said to me in late 2010 after he had finished chewing me out for something I had written about an iPad shortcoming.
“So, your kids must love the iPad?” I asked Mr. Jobs, trying to change the subject. The company’s first tablet was just hitting the shelves. “They haven’t used it,” he told me. “We limit how much technology our kids use at home.”
I’m sure I responded with a gasp and dumbfounded silence. I had imagined the Jobs’s household was like a nerd’s paradise: that the walls were giant touch screens, the dining table was made from tiles of iPads and that iPods were handed out to guests like chocolates on a pillow.
Nope, Mr. Jobs told me, not even close.
Bilton further spoke about this with Walter Isaacson, the author of Steve Jobs’ official biography who spent a lot of time with Jobs. He said that every evening, Steve Jobs sat for dinner with his family on a long table in the kitchen, where they’d discuss history and books, and no one would pull out an iPad or a computer. He added that Jobs’ kids weren’t addicted to their devices at all.

iPad is not only made for playing games, it is also used in schools as a new educational technology system, it is used in restaurants, hotels and more...


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