SetBack: Saves Your iPhone Setup for reverting back In the Future

There is nothing better from customization your iPhone by installing nice cool themes or any user interface tweaks. It would be a bad thing to lose all these tweaks/themes when restoring your device or re-jailbreaking from time to another.. Thankfully there is a new tweak called SetBack which allows users to save a particular setup you have on your iPhone at any given time in order to revert back to it in the future. We’ve got a full rundown of the tweak ahead.

The best part in SetBack tweak is that it allows you to save every part of any particular iPhone setup you might have, including all tweak preferences, wallpapers, icon layout and Winterboard theme applied. To save a setup, simply tap on the SetBack icon from the Home screen and tap on the plus button at the bottom of the user interface. Each setup is stored as a thumbnail that looks like the iOS multitasking menu.

Once you hold your fingers on any of the existing setups that you have already saved provides some additional options, including update, rename and delete. These controls are self explanatory based on their names, providing SetBack with multipurpose functionality and making it a truly flexible tweak. To revert a saved setup, just tap on the setup and confirm to begin the reverting process. Your device will then proceed to begin loading the old setup that you saved, with an automatic respring at the end to load the setup.

It is really a very useful tweak for users who download many themes/tweaks on their devices..

SetBack tweak is available at Cydia store, grab it now..


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