Samsung offers New Galaxy Note 4 as ‘headstart for the iPhone 7′

There is no stranger when I tell you that the war between Samsung and Apple, two huge companies will never end, probably not in the near future.. Earlier today Samsung starts to throw an Apple product into one of their ads, which are supposed to be about their own devices. A new advertisement found in a paper is yet another example.

An image was sent to PhoneArena, and it is a new ad from Samsung highlighting its new Galaxy Note 4, offering some details about handset design as a blueprint for what they think Apple will call the iPhone 7. They were even nice enough to include the Galaxy Note 4’s S Pen, Samsung’s proprietary stylus. Underneath the blueprint, there’s the line, “Dear Apple, here’s a headstart for the iPhone 7.”

Most recently, Samsung launched a series of video ads entitled “It Doesn’t Take a Genius,” where it shows two individuals mocking Apple for their recent “gaffs,” including a botched livestream of their iPhone launch event. Plus, it’s hard to forget Samsung’s “Screen Envy” ad, even before the iPhone 6 was official, in which Samsung mocked iPhone owners for having a small screen.

As I told you above, the war between Apple and Samsung will never end...



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