New Photos and videos of iPhone 6 running iOS 8 Leaks; Showing Pasbook Icon and more

A couple of hours ago, new photos and video have just surfed on the web claiming to be an iPhone 6 running on iOS 8 beta. A user called zzray on Weibo has just posted a group of photos and a video of the iPhone 6, showing the larger display, but more importantly running iOS 8 beta build 12A365.

In the following short video, you're going to see the user waking up the iPhone, unlocking it with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and finally going to the homescreen with the familiar grid of iOS app icons. We’ve embedded the video below.

The video gives us a few hints like: A new Passbook icon with an additional slot right at the top for credit cards, hinting at the rumored NFC mobile payments feature in the device. The photos also suggest that the extra screen real estate on the iPhone 6 will be used for an extra row of home screen icons.

Here's more pictures from the same user showing settings screen, App Store app and more...

Finally here's some videos that show different details about the iPhone 6: 

What do you think guys ?

[via 9to5Mac]

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