New 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Caught on Camera With a functioning Display

Everyone now is waiting for September 9 to come where Apple will announce its next generation iPhone, whatever was it's name. But until then, we still have many leaks that you should see. New photos has just posted by GSMArena claiming to showcase a functioning 4.7-inch iPhone 6 out there in the wild.
Unfortunately we don't have any info attached with the photo, the unnamed source simply states it’s the iPhone 6. Of course, looking at it, even with the display turned on, doesn’t guarantee it is, in fact, an iPhone 6. As we’ve seen in the past, knock-offs exist, and some of them do a good job of bringing the iPhone 6 to life — even before it’s officially announced.

Here's the back of the device: 
Those ugly antenna bands will give me nightmares..

Now leave all of these rumored leaked parts, concepts and everything you see on the internet.. 

What we are looking forward to see on September 9 is a new unique design, with the slightly protruding camera, and those distinctive antenna breaks on the back. The device does look strikingly thin, too. The new Power button is there on the right side of the device, just as we’ve seen, right above the SIM card tray.

What about you ? What things do you want to see in the new iPhone ? 

[via GSMArena]


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