John Gruber shares Nice iPhone 6 and iWatch predictions ahead of Apple event

When it comes to predictions about Apple's products, there is no one better than the well-respected John Gruber of Daring Fireball, an Apple pundit that has established a respectable track record over the past decade and beyond. John has just shared a group of predictions ahead of Apple's media event. We’ve summarized his opinions about what to expect ahead.

Most of Gruber predictions depends on what we've heard in the couple few months from rumors, concepts and reports..

First of all, Gruber expect that Apple will release two iPhone models which are: 4.7 inches, the other 5.5. Same internal specs on both — same A8 SoC, same cameras, same guts. The only difference will be the screen (and the software implications that result from it). I think my predictions on display resolutions from a few weeks ago are still looking good:
  • 4.7-inch display: 1334 × 750, 326 PPI @2x
  • 5.5-inch display: 2208 × 1242, 461 PPI @3x
The blogger outlines an iPhone pricing scheme for each model based on new two-year service agreements in the United States:
  • New 5.5-inch iPhone: $299/399/499
  • New 4.7-inch iPhone: $199/299/399
  • iPhone 5S: $99
  • iPhone 5C: “free”
Gruber says that iPhone 5c was intended to be Apple's free smartphone where the plastic iPhone and the “free” iPhone are one and the same. Next year, I wouldn’t expect the 5S to move down to “free”; instead, I would expect an iPhone 5CS — a 5C-style plastic iPhone with 5S internals and features (like Touch ID).

Moving on to Apple’s so-called “wrist wearable thing,” Gruber predicts that, if it is indeed a smartwatch, it would likely have a square screen with a resolution around 320×320 pixels. He guesses that Apple is going to do something different with their smart watch, instead of going the skeuomorphic route of Android Wear by copying analog watches.
“That sort of mimicry of real-world analog objects is exactly what Apple has just spent the last two years eliminating in iOS and OS X,” writes Gruber. “I expect Apple to go some other way. I’ll be very disappointed if this is just a device that shows a fake analog watch face, displays notifications from a tethered iPhone, and tracks your footsteps and heart rate.”
He ends off by claiming that maybe the so-called “iWatch” is just an iPod with a form factor that is unobtrusive and allows you to wear it when you exercise. With health and fitness trackers and HealthBook integration, it just might make sense.

What do you think guys ?



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