iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 3 [Bend Test]

Early on Tuesday, September 23, a series of reports surfaced that cited several owner complaints about the iPhone 6 Plus, and the new handset bending in their pockets. To be clear, any aluminum smartphone will bend under enough pressure, whether you use an iPhone or the latest flagship Android smartphone.

 So right now a new bending test has just hit YouTube website, the scientific test is made by uBreakiFix that applies up to 100 pounds of force to an iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Note 3 and iPhone 5.

The results show that the Galaxy Note 3 actually bends more — 4.5 mm — when force is applied to it, but largely returns back to regular form when the pressure is taken off. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 Plus bent 3.25 mm under 100 pounds of force and remained curved because the aluminum chassis of the device is less elastic.

Here's the video:

Overall, the video concludes that the iPhone 6 Plus is more susceptible to bending than other smartphones, but only because of its anodized aluminum design. As such, iPhone 6 Plus owners are recommended to avoid sitting on the smartphone or placing it in a tight pocket in which a lot of force could be applied to pressure points.

What do you think guys ?

[via uBreakiFix]


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