iOS 8′s SMS forwarding arriving in October

Everyone is excited to see the iOS 8 installed on his iPhone to try the great and cool features in it.. Earlier today we've got a new report from iLounge saying that text message relaying will not work immediately from day one because Apple plans to enable the feature in October.

Now listed as ”coming in October”, the delayed launch coincides nicely with an upcoming October release of the free OS X Yosemite update. A discussion thread at MacRumorscorroborates iLounge’s findings, suggesting Apple has disabled SMS relaying on its servers in the past couple of days, likely until Yosemite is officially released.

It’s interesting that Apple has gone through a few iterations before settling on a final name for this feature. The first couple of betas referred to the feature as “Continuity SMS” until Beta 5 came along and replaced mentions of “Continuity SMS” with “SMS Relay”.

Text Message Forwarding (or SMS Relay, or whatever you want to call it) uses iOS 8′s Continuity capabilities to relay text messages from your iPhone to other iPad, iPod touch and Mac devices. Text messages appear right inside the stock iOS 8/Yosemite Messages application.
Imagine your daily computing without the frustration of those green chat bubbles appearing on your iPhone, but not on Macs or iPads. Users need and expect from Apple a unified messaging solution so the ability to communicate on any device, using both iMessage and SMS, shall certainly be viewed as a huge boon for novice users who are not necessarily tech literate.

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