iOS 8 Jailbreak Is In Progress, PanguTeam Confirms

Yesterday Apple released iOS 8 to the public with its great features like the interactive notifications and more improvements. Now in case you are worried from losing your iOS 7 jailbreak and don't want to update your device to iOS 8, PanguTeam is here and they have just confirmed that they are working on iOS 8 jailbreak, so it is possible to see it coming..

Now before you go getting your hopes up, note that just because an iOS 8 jailbreak is being worked on, does not mean we will see one anytime soon. This is, however, more intel than we had a few days ago, and it may be pertinent to those deciding on whether or not to update to iOS 8.

Here’s the message:
Probably you don't understand any word from the message, the same here :).. After translating the message, it says: [Reminder] Just 1 day before iOS 8 official release, guess that devices except iPhone 4 can’t be restored with 7.1.2 firmware. If you want to jailbreak please grab the last moment. For iOS 8, we are already on the way…”

Stay tuned.

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