Do you have any problems after upgrading to iOS 8.0.2

Later yesterday, Apple released iOS 8.0.2 which includes many bugs fixes and improvements, like fixing the "no service" and Touch ID issues that faced many iOS 8 users. However, MacRumors is reporting that some users in Australia are still facing problems with cellular connectivity and Touch ID after upgrading to iOS 8.0.2, similar to the issues reported after upgrading to iOS 8.0.1.

Thankfully there maybe a fix for these issues in iOS 8.0.2 and it can be done by simply following these steps.

if you’re facing the Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity issues, then you may want to try resetting Network settings(Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings) to see if it helps.

If you’re having Touch ID issues, then you can try deleting the fingerprint and configuring it again to see if it helps (Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Finger > Delete Fingerprint, and set up the finger again).

Don't worry, it is not everyone still facing this error...

Did it work for you guys or not ? 


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