Best websites To Sell your used iPhone To Buy The iPhone 6

Many people now waiting for September 9 where Apple will introduce the new iPhone 6 alongside a wearable watch. In case you have the intention to sell your used iPhone to buy the new iPhone, we've got your back ! It is a very important thing to choose a nice place to sell your used iPhone, so we've got a group of trusted websites that making cool trade-in system for used devices..

NextWorth and Gazelle

If you are going to sell your used iPhone, then I recommend heading to NextWorth & Gazelle, two popular websites that exclusively deal in purchasing used gadgets. Although the two websites may not offer you a good resale price, but they offer you a lot of convenience by letting you ship your iPhone for free and as an added advantage they even erase all personal data from the device.

Gazelle is letting iPhone owners lock in their iPhone trade-in price for 50 days, which means that if you were to set up a trade-in for your device today, and you got a trade-in quote of $310 for your iPhone, then that price would be locked until October 10. Gazelle’s price lock-in is available till September 9th, which is one of the reasons we’re publishing this post a week before the announcement. You can get up to $310 for an unlocked iPhone 5s on Gazelle while the iPhone 5c could get you up to $180.


In order to get a good resale price for your used iPhone, you must make sure that it's in a good condition to convince the buyer to pay a good price. This means it is better to have the box and the accompanying accessories along with the device itself. A used iPhone 5s can fetch around $350 – $400 on eBay while a used iPhone 5c can fetch anywhere between $200 to $300.


Apple made a late entry to the trade-in market, with its Reuse and Recycle program, where the company discounts the purchase of a new iPhone when a customer trades-in an old one. The program is available only in Apple Stores in the U.S. and several other countries but you get low resale prices compared to the other options.


RadioShack also has a trade-in program in which you can get as much as $250 for your 16GB iPhone 5s, and $119 for your 16GB iPhone 5c.

Wrap Up

There are a number of other options like Craigslist where you could end up getting even higher prices than the websites listed here.

NOTE: Before selling your iPhone, you must make sure to erase all data on it, and in order to get a high resale price, make sure that your iPhone is in a good condition..

So what are you going to do ?


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