Awesome Things You Can Do With Activator

Who hasn't heard about Activator tweak before ? Activator is considered one of the most powerful jailbreak tweaks that allows you to take advantage of a combination of many gestures and specific events that gives you the ability to make quick actions on your iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch.

In this post, we've got a list of gestures/actions that you can do with Activator on your jailbroken iPhone.

NOTE: The actions mentioned below do not make use of jailbreak tweaks, they are completely dependent on the stock iOS features.

Quick Respring

We all know that when pressing the Sleep button for a long time, it allows you to switch if off, while pressing on it for one time simply it locks your iPhone.

You can make the Power/Sleep button more useful by assigning a respring action whenever you double press the button.

How: Simply go to Activator----> Anywhere and tap ‘Double Press’ option under Sleep Button section. Now scroll to the ‘Switches’ section and select ‘Respring’.

Save your device battery

Since iOS 6 is here and many people have been facing problems with the "drain battery" on their devices, thankfully Apple probably fixed this problem by releasing two new iPhones with a bigger battery size, but for people with older devices can use Activator to save your device battery.

Activator contain a "Battery Drain" option which allows you to indicate what action the device should take when the battery goes below a specific level.

Currently, when the battery level of my iPhone goes below 15%, the device automatically turns off Cellular Data and Bluetooth. If it reduces further below 10%, the Wi-Fi is switched off and the brightness is automatically reduced to 20%.

How: Firstly you'll have to create two new custom events. To do so, launch Activator and press the ‘More’ button in the top right corner. You’ll see a list of all the events you can create. Press the ‘Battery Drains’ option, slide the knob to 15% and click the ‘Save’ button. Perform this step again to create another event for 10% battery level.

Now, go to Activator > Anywhere and you’ll see two new Activator actions that you just created below the ‘Battery Level’ section. Press the ‘Battery Drains Past 15%’ option and scroll down to the ‘Switches (Deactivate) section’. Now, select the switches that you want to be disabled such as Cellular Data and Bluetooth. To automatically reduce the brightness to a specific level, tap the ‘More’ button and choose ‘Set Brightness’.

Perform the above steps when your device battery goes below 10%.

Switch to previous/next track

Hard music users probably gonna like this gesture, Activator changes your iPhone's volume button from adjusting volume  to a powerful gesture. You can use the short hold volume up button to go to the next track while the short hold volume down button can be used to go to the previous track. This way, you no longer need to open your device to do it or even when you’re in an application, you can just make use of the volume buttons to change the song.

How: Go to Activator---> Anywhere---> Up Short Hold and choose "next track". The same applies for going to previous track, but this time open ‘Down Short Hold’ gesture and choose ‘Previous Track’

Activate App Switcher

You could use Activator to launch the App Switcher when you swipe up from the bottom right of the screen rather than double pressing the Home button.

How: To assign this action, go to Activator > Anywhere > From Screen Bottom-Right. First, you’ll need to select the Do Nothing option so that Control Center is not launched when the gesture is invoked. Then, choose Activate Switcher under the System Actions section.

These are some of the most useful gestures you can do using Activator. Obviously, this is not the complete list because there are tons of actions that you can create using Activator, but you can let us know about your favorites in the comments section below.


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