Apple Watch Gets a Security Feature To Prevent Thieves from making payments

Among the great features we've seen in the Apple watch at September 9th event, there is an unannounced security feature in the Apple watch that prevent thieves from making any payments using your personal bank account.

According to a new report from Cult of Mac, Apple's watch comes with a built-in security feature that disables Apple Pay feature in the event it is stolen.  Apparently the Watch can use its sensors to tell when it is being worn, and when it has been taken off.

Leander Kahney says that during the hands-on time at Apple's event yesterday, an employee for the company told him that when you first put the watch on you, you must enter a security code. When the watch is removed, Apple Pay locks up until you enter the code again.

He doesn’t offer up any further details regarding the code, or how other features of the Watch will be affected by it. It’s possible that it could be a standard pairing code, which you see when you try to pair two Bluetooth items, such as your phone to your vehicle.

Apple has been working so hard in making its security level very high and unbreachable.

The Apple Watch is set to go on sale in early 2015, with prices starting at $349—more information on it here.

[Cult of Mac]


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