Apple: U2 album accessed by 33 million users thus far

Earlier today Apple has just issued a new statement from Senior Vice President Eddy Cue regarding its new U2 album promotion. Cue says that over 33 million iTunes account holders have accessed “Songs of Innocence” since the promo launched last week.

Eddy is calling it a "Break recording".but didn’t elaborate. He did, however, note that the figure includes customers who downloaded the album from their iCloud account, streamed it, or listened to it in iTunes Radio’s First Play channel.

Just after the ending of Apple's iPhone event, the company announced that it had teamed up with U2  to give away its new album to over 500 million iTunes users over the next month. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but it’s believed to be part of a $100 million marketing campaign.

What do you think guys ?


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