Apple Starts Sending Email Alerts When you sign into iCloud via a Web broswer

Apart from Apple's security system to keep users accounts safe from danger attacks, Apple has just started sending email alerts to you when you sign into your iCloud account via any web browser. After the nude celeb pics scandal seems to have taken the first in a series of promised steps to bolster up the security of its cloud.

As noted by Letem světem Applem, each time you sign into your iCloud account through a web browser, the Cupertino firm will issue an email notice which contains a date and time that the account was accessed. This behavior is now enabled by default (As shown above).

Previously, login alerts had been sent only if there was an attempt to log in to iCloud on an unknown Apple device.

Now with this new security firm, every time you log in, you will find an email alert sent to you..

Slivka was able to verify that Apple is sending out these alerts even if the specific browser/device has been used previously to access iCloud, in order to ensure that any attempt to compromise your password can be dealt with swiftly — simply follow a link to quickly reset the Apple ID password provided in the message body.

Tim Cook the CEO of Apple, promised new security measures to fight any outer breach made by hackers.

Until now, users merely received an email when someone tried to change a password or log in from an unknown Apple device.
According to a YouGov survey (see above) of more than a thousand Americans commissioned by security company Tresorit, approximately one-third of U.S. users have improved their online security in response to the iCloud hacking.

So did you notice any difference ?


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