Apple Patches Find My iPhone vulnerability to hack Apple ID accounts

No one is safe from the attack of hackers.. A couple of hours ago we reported to you that a group of celebrities reported that their iCloud accounts have been hacked and saw their nude pictures posted online. Today the folks at The Next Web are reporting that Apple has just patched a new security hole in the Find My iPhone app that allowed nefarious users to brute-force Apple ID passwords.

Twitter user @hackappcom who posted a proof of concept titled ‘iBrute’ to GitHub on Saturday.

This is a very good news for celebrities who found their personal nude pictures online on Facebook, Twitter and other social websites..

@hackappcom this morning updated his post with a line suggesting that Apple fixed the security hole at 3:20am PT. ”The end of fun, Apple have just patched,” reads the post.

After testing the attack method only to see their Apple ID locked after five unsuccessful attempts to guess the password, the publication came to the conclusion that Apple has in fact patched the hole.

The Independent said today Apple’s “refused to comment” on any security flaw in iCloud.

As always keep your iCloud account safe and try not to give it to anyone..


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