Apple: iOS 8.0.2 To Be Released Very soon To Fix Issues In iOS 8.0.1

Yesterday it was a very strange day for many iPhone users.. Many people after downloading and installing iOS 8.0.1 on their devices, they discovered many issues like "No Service" and Touch ID issues..  But don't worry, it looks like that Apple is handling the situation..

In a new support document, Apple said that it will provide a workaround for those affected by iOS 8.0.1, says iOS 8.0.2 will be available in the next few days. Besides providing instructions on how to downgrade to iOS 8, the company noted that it is “preparing iOS 8.0.2 with a fix for the issue, and will release it as soon as it’s ready in the next few days.”

As we said above, many iPhone users after upgrading their devices to iOS 8.0.1, they've found that the update killed cellular signal and cut off access to Touch ID. Apple quickly pulled the update but it was too late for many users who had already proceeded with downloading and installing it.

So right now, you can follow our guide on how to downgrade from iOS 8.0.1 to iOS 8.0 posted here

We will keep you updated....


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