Apple Engineers are in ‘War Room’ work to find iOS 8 problems through social media

Obviously you may find some little troubles and problems when using the new iOS 8 that Apple released from two days ago.. But don't worry, Apple engineers already made "War room" that specialized in tracking iOS 8 problems through social media and quickly start working on fixing bugs.

According to a report published by MacRumors, citing a user via the social networking site, Reddit, it would appear that Apple engineers are tuned to social media outlets like Twitter to try and squash any bugs or other issues that might crop up as soon as they become apparent. The Reddit user described a “war room,” where engineers work to find reported issues through social networking tools, interact with those having problems, and then determine a fix as soon as possible.

A user called Kiggsworthy, said that after installing iOS 8 onto their personal device, an issue with Family Sharing began to give them problems. As a result, they tweeted the issue out, and soon after an Apple employee got in touch with them to help them work through the problem. As a result, the employee reportedly informed Kiggsworthy that the issue was something Apple had been aware of, but unable to reproduce on their own. With Kiggworthy’s help, that was no longer the case:
“Turns out it was some subset of iTunes content that was uploaded over 8 years ago in a bad format that Family Sharing wasn’t playing nice with. They now know what bad content to look for and are going about putting re-encoded versions of all this media on their servers so that people will not get this error going forward.

I was telling him how surprised and impressed I was with this service, given how busy a day Apple was having, for them to just see something I tweeted (I don’t even have 300 followers) and follow up with me so quickly. He said that they had a “War Room” at Apple trawling through social media and everything they could find looking for anyone having issues (particularly with Family Sharing) so they could address them ASAP.“
So what do you think guys ?

[via MacRumors; Reddit]


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