This Samsung Ad Claims Galaxy Tab S is thinner, lighter and brighter than iPad Air

The war between Apple and Samsung isn't over yet and I think it will never end. Earlier today Samsung has just published a new YouTube ad and no surprisingly, it is going after Apple's iPad Air. In the ad, the host asks people on the streets of New York City to take the Galaxy Tab S for a test drive, and compare it with the iPad Air.

 According to the ad, some people think that Galaxy Tab S is more "Thinner", "Lighter" and brighter than the iPad Air.

The host also points out that the Galaxy Tab S has 1 million more pixels than the iPad Air with a fine print that says Galaxy Tab S has 4,096,000 pixels compared to 3,145,728 pixels for iPad Air and Retina iPad mini. It is also important to note that the Tab S also comes with a bigger 10.5-inch screen compared to iPad Air’s 9.7-inch screen.

As most of you know, Galaxy Tab S thickness is (6.6 mm) is almost 1 mm thinner than the iPad Air (7.5mm), but it is funny than people actually found the Galaxy Tab S lighter, as if you look at the tech specs of the Galaxy Tab S (Wi-Fi model – 465 grams and LTE model – 467 grams) and the iPad Air (Wi-Fi model – 469 grams, and LTE model – 478 grams), there is hardly any difference in the weight between the two devices for it to be noticeable.

The video ad ends with: "Thinner-Brighter-Lighter.

Seriously ?!

What do you think ?


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