The Best Jailbreak Tweaks for Notification Center on iOS 7

To be honest with you guys, Apple truly made a huge upgrade within notification center in iOS 7, compared to one in iOS 6. Thankfully there is still some room for improvements. Just like iOS 6, there is many popular tweaks that will enhance iOS 7 notification center and allows you to customize it however you like, adding awesome widgets and more..

So maybe you are a new guy to iOS 7 and want to try some tweaks that will give your notification center and new look and make it smarter.. So we are here to help you and we decided to make a little list that contain a group of the best jailbreak tweaks for notification center on iOS 7.

We hope you like them..


BetterNC7 is a tweak for those who love simplicity or care about minor details. This is all in one tweak that almost removes all the annoyances of the iOS 7 Notification Center. From NC Grabber to Status Bar it can fix dozens of annoyances and make your Notification Center look simple, clear and perfect.

The tweak contains many toggles that allows you to disable/enable certain notification center features. You can hide content of NC, hide date in "Today", hide grabber and more great features..

You can grab BetterNC7 for free from Cydia store via BigBoss repo.

Perhaps you're someone like me who always forget important notes, so NCMemo is here to help you as it adds a sticky note that allows you to quickly compose notes on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by simply dragging down Notification Center and typing into the text field provided. The widget has full copy, paste and replace functionality, and the background color and text color and transparency can each be adjusted through the tweak’s preferences menu in the Settings app.

NCMemo can be grabbed from Cydia store for free..

We've seen many jailbreak tweaks that allows you to access your favourite apps directly from Control Center or from your iPhone's lockscreen. AppTray is a similar one that allows you to add your favorite apps to Notification Center and be able to launch them directly from there. A new “AppTray” tab will be added to Notification Center and all your favorite apps will go in there. You can add as many apps as you want without any limits as well as adjust icon opacity.

AppTray will cost you $1.49 and it is available at Cydia store..

Among the notable changes we've seen in iOS 8 was the new notification center. In case you can't get your hands on iOS 8 and wish you could try the new notification center, then you should try Notific8. This tweak simply brings iOS 8 Notification Center style on iOS 7, you should probably install Notific8 which is available on Cydia for free.

There is nothing more important than checking your device's RAM, free memory space, cellular data and more.. This is what CCMeters do, the tweak works on both Notification center and Control center, it will gives you details about your iPhone from free space, cellular data usage, RAM and more...

CCMeters is available for free on Cydia and supports all iOS 7 devices excluding iPad.

Volume Mixer
Volume Mixer is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to adjust the different audio sounds in iOS directly from Notification Center under the ‘All’ tab. You can adjust the sound of phone calls, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headphones, ringtone as well as the audio or video sound. If you’re interested to take it for a spin, Volume Mixer is available for $0.99 on Cydia.

Share Widgets for iOS 7
If you are a hard Facebook/Twitter user, then you should check out Share Widget for iOS 7, this tweak simply add share widgets for Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, and Tencent to Notification Center, all of which can be accessed from the ‘Today’ tab. Share Widgets for iOS 7 is available for free and can be downloaded via Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

Of course there is more and more tweaks that make your iPhone's notification center better..

What do you think guys ? I hope you like them.


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