Square Cash: Send Money via Text Message [Review]

Transferring money from one person to another has been a hard thing for many people who don't love going to banks, speaking with agents and so on... Nowaday you can send money to someone you know using a text message only, this can be done by downloading Cash application on your iPhone.

Send or request money by using a text message or an email. It’s 100% free. Setup only takes a minute and money is automatically deposited to any US bank account. Most deposits happen instantly, so your money is ready to spend when you need it.

Users have the option to setup their bank account during the initial launch, or after sending/requesting their first payment, and it’s a one-time ordeal. Deposits take 1-2 days to clear, and there’s a $2500 per week limit. Everything is protected by 128-bit encryption.

Writing for The Wall Street Journal, Walt Mossberg said that “Cash is the quickest, simplest method I’ve seen for sending money from one person to another,” and I’d have to agree. After downloading the app, you’re literally able to send off money within seconds.

SAFE – We’ve got you covered with an optional passcode lock and 128-bit encryption. Payments that aren’t claimed in 14 days are automatically refunded to you.

If you’re interested, the Square Cash app, like the service, is completely free and available in the App Store.


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