Sapphire Vs Gorilla Glass in durability test [Video]

It has been told that Apple's next generation iPhone 6 could come with display made of Sapphire glass. Earlier today repair expert at uBreakiFix has just posted a new video comparing the durability of smartphones display made of Sapphire and Gorilla Glass.

Results from the test may surprise you, as although the sapphire display did prove to be significantly more scratch resistant than Gorilla Glass, it was also far more susceptible to impact breaks due to its stiffness and brittleness. Watch the full video below.

uBreakiFix technicians conducted 3 tests: scratch resistance using a tungsten drill bit, impact, and a four-point bend stress test. The techs found sapphire to be 25% stronger than Gorilla Glass, but not the super material it’s been made out to be.

 As I said above, there is many rumors and reports claiming that Apple has intention to bring iPhone 6 with Sapphire glass display.

[uBreakiFix via MacRumors]


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