QuickScope: An Interactive Search Interface for your iPhone

See in these days it is very hard to find a unique tweak that stands out of the rest. I believe that QuickScope is one of these tweaks that promises to take your iPhone into a higher level from smartness as it offers you a new interactive search interface.

QuickScope exist in many places inside your iPhone. First of all, it’s in your app switcher. Once you activate your app switcher you’ll see a search bar at the top. This search bar will search your device, but also has commands which it will execute. In order to make the tweak start listening for a command, just tap the search bar and start your command with a space. For example, the “play” command would be type ” play”, with a space before it.

The other nice thing is that it’s fast. If you guys remembered, we reviewed Smart Search and while it was a decent tweak, it was definitely laggy even on the iPhone 5s. I haven’t had that issue with QuickScope. Searching your iPhone within the QuickScope is very similar to spotlight. The main function are the commands. To see all your commands simply type ” commands” within the search box of QuickScope and you’ll be presented with them. But, I’ll make it easy for you and break them all down right here.

"Play"- This command allows you to play musics, all what you have to do is tapping on the disc if nothing is playing, and then you can go to the next/previous songs just by swiping to the right/left.

Facebook – This allows you to make a quick post to Facebook.

Tweet – This allows you to compose a tweet right within QuickScope.

Color – Change the color of the dial and the cursor within the tweak.

Theme – Change the color of the search box to better match your current theme.

Nearby – Search for nearby locations and match them with Wikipedia articles.

Help – Takes you through a quick tutorial on how to use QuickScope.

Commands – Displays this list of commands.

Check QuickScope in action:

QuickScope is available for $1.50 and you can grab it from Cydia store... What do you think ?


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