New Photos Of Alleged iPhone 6 In Retail Box Leaks Out

We all know that there is a great chance that Apple will hold a big media event on September 9 where the company will introduce its next generation iPhone 6 with a new larger screen, better performances and more according to rumors and reports. Today the folks at TechRadar claiming to have been given photos of what apparently looks like an iPhone 6 in its retail packaging.

The following photos were taken in their retail box and we can't conclude anything from these pictures because of the bad quality of the images.  We can’t tell if the OS shown on the supposed iPhone 6 box is indeed iOS 8. There’s no Health app in sight, which is a marquee feature in iOS 8 itself, and we’re certain Apple wouldn’t just leave it out after having made song and dance of it at WWDC this year.

Just don't get so excited, if they are fake we would know as soon as possible... What do you think ?

(Source: TechRadar)


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