New Alleged reversible Lightning to USB iPhone 6 cable caught on video

Along with the rumors, leaked images we've seen about the iPhone 6 in the past few months, the device is expected to come with a new reversible Lightning to USB cable. We’ve seen multiple photos of the alleged cable, and Apple even holds a patent for such a design.

 Earlier today a new video has been posted by Sonny Dickson showing the new cable in action. It appears to work similar to the Lightning side of the current cable, allowing the user to plug in the USB side, regardless of orientation…

While the video does seem to show a reversible USB cable, we don’t actually see a connected iPhone. It’s also worth pointing out that there’s no USB logo on the reverse side of the plug, and the box in the clip matches those seen in previous leaks (above), with no Apple logo.

 What do you think ?

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