MacBook sticker sellers Notice a big boost after Apple’s ‘Stickers’ ad aired

Apple is very interested in making good commercial videos ad with purposeful goal. The company made a nice cool video ad called "Stickers" in which they focused on the love that people give their MacBooks with amazing sticker decals on the lid, began airing on July 22. According to a report from MacStories, the results for sticker sellers has been profound, with many seeing a sharp increase in not only daily traffic, but also overall sales.

The report cites different sticker sellers as its core results, but many wouldn’t provide specific details as far as sales go. One seller though, The Decal Guru, provided plenty of details. Almost immediately after the advertisement started making the rounds, the seller saw a quadrupling of orders for MacBook decals, and an increase of unique visitors from around 400 per day, up to 4,500 at its peak.

Geeky Decals, an Etsy store, provided some information, including the daily sales figures. Before the ad, the store was selling between 8 and 10 decals per day. After the ‘Stickers’ ad aired, though, the number jumped to 40 to 50 decals a day. One day, the store managed to sell 100 stickers in a day, with more than 20,000 views, when the average views ranged around 500.
Does your MacBook have a sticker decal on it? What is it?


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