iPhone 6 Front Panel leaked, ahead of official announcement

Day after day, we get more closer to September 9 where Apple should hold a media event in which it will introduce the new iPhone 6 with a larger screen size, better performances and that's of course according to rumours, leaked parts and so on... Today a new images has just surfed on the web claiming the front panel of Apple's next generation has been leaked.

The image comes courtesy of the Taiwanese Apple-themed blog, AppleClub, and they say these are the real deal. There’s no denying that it certainly loo…
The report doesn't mention whether  or not there’s a sapphire glass panel there, so that element is certainly still up for debate. The long-standing rumor is that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6, as elusive as it has been, will be the only model to feature a sapphire glass display. Both models are rumored to have begun the transition to mass production in late July.
So what do you think ?

[via 9to5Mac; AppleClub]


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