iPhone 6 Could come with a redesigned USB Power Adapter

As we are getting near to September 9, we should know that rumors will reach to its maximum state.. A couple of days ago we've seen leaked images of iPhone 6 reversible USB cable and today we've got a new photos posted by a user on Weibo, which indicates that Apple may ship a redesigned power adapter with the new Lightning cable with the reversible USB connector.

If you looked at the above picture, we can note a lot of changes. Firstly the power adapter comes with rounded edges compared to the current power adapter, and it also seems to have grooves on each side, possibly to make it easier to grip while inserting or removing it from a power outlet.

Secondly The design is quite similar to the 5W USB power adapter that Apple is sold in Australia, but the one in the photo has two flat parallel prongs that are used in the U.S. The Australian power adapter also doesn’t have the grooves.

Here's another one:
We still can't guess if this USB power adapter is fake or not.. At any rate, what do you think about it ?

[Gizmobic via MacRumors]


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