iPhone 6 clone used as a prank, Walkers fall for the ’26 cores’

Right now I want you to forget everything about Apple's iPhone 6 rumors, leaks, concepts and take some rest for the following prank. You may have to to know whether it’s already out or not. For some pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard in California, a cloned device can be the tool for a pretty hilarious prank.

Today Jonathan Morrison has taken it upon himself to head out onto Hollywood Boulevard and get some impressions of a brand new phone from strangers. The phone in question is a white device with a 4.7-inch display, and Morrison is more than happy to call it the new iPhone 6 to those around him while out and about. In reality, though, it’s a clone from GooPhone, called the i6, which launched recently.

One passerby that falls victim to the prank is quite astonished by the “26 cores” in the “A10″ processor that Apple has apparently used in this new device. And, with Morrison nudging multiple users on, they all admit that the device in their hand is quite fast

Check it out: 

How funny !


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