iOS 8 beta 5 boasts support for 3x image assets, hints at iPhone 6′s new resolution

After a long waiting time, Apple has finally announced unveiling iPhone 6 on September 9 and we could also see a wearable iWatch beside the new iPhone. But there is still many questions remain in our minds about the next gen iPhone. Specifically, what might the larger display boast as a resolution? A new find within the iOS 8 beta may indicate a change is indeed coming.

According to a new report published by 9to5mac, iOS 8 beta 5 offers support for 3x image assets, which is new to the platform as a whole. (It was not present in iOS 7.) With this new find, it lends credence to earlier reports that the iPhone 6, with its larger display(s), could boast a new resolution. What’s troubling, though, is that iOS 8 beta 5 loads these 3x image assets inconsistently. However, as noted by the report, the 3x image is generally chosen over the 2x device via the ‘initWithContentsOfFile’ method. So, while it may be inconsistent now, it looks like it will be a standard practice in the upcoming devices.

Within the tests that were run, it was found that when given the option to choose either a 1x, 2x or 3x image asset, the code always chose the 3x asset, even when it should be selecting the image asset based on the current device’s screen scale. You can see the differences in these assets in the top image within the article. The 1x asset is quite pixelated, while the 2x asset is an improvement, but it is still far from perfectly clear. The third asset, though, is quite sharp.
Using a set of test images with @1x, @2x and @3x prefixes, the code will always load the 3x asset, even though — per documentation — it should select the image for the current device’s screen scale. For clarity, each test image is numbered for which scale it represents. Thus, the number 3 in the iOS Simulator shows that iOS has selected the image suitable for a 3x screen scale.

Things are getting more clear..



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