How To Quickly Delete old iPhone Backups

Backing up your iPhone can be done in two ways, via iTunes or via iCloud. Taking the advantages of iCloud automatic backup is the best way to ensure that you will be able to get all your data, photos, contacts, apps and more any time you want.

So whether you choose to backup your device via iTunes or iCloud, you might want to remove this backup at some point. Maybe the backup file got corrupted, or maybe you’re running out of storage space on your Mac or in iCloud. Or maybe you have an entirely different reason to want to delete your iPhone or iPad backup file.

Whatever the reason is, we are here with a new simple guide to show you how to delete your old backup from Mac and from the iCloud.

How to delete an iPhone backup in iTunes

In case you prefer using iTunes instead of iCloud, you probably should know that all your data and files are stored somewhere on your computer. We are going to show you how to directly delete the files from iTunes.

STEP 1: Open iTunes

STEP 2: In the menu bar, go to iTunes---->Preferences (if you’re on a Windows PC, go to Edit > Preferences).
STEP 3: In the preferences, go to the "Device" tab.

STEP 4: Right now you should see all backups you have made on your computer via your iTunes account. Probably there is some backup files that you don't need any more, so all what you have to do is select the backup you want to delete. You can select multiple backups at a time by holding the Command key on your keyboard while selecting different files with the mouse.
STEP 5: You will see a pop-up message asking you to confirm to delete backup, click on Delete.
How to delete an iPhone backup in iCloud on Mac

Now if you already backed up your iPhone via iCloud, you can quickly easily access these backups and delete them from your Mac.

STEP 1: In the menu bar of your Mac, click on the Apple logo and go to System Preferences.
STEP 2: Now click on iCloud icon.
STEP 3: This will load up your iCloud preferences. Click on the Manage button at the bottom right of the window.
STEP 4: Now all iCloud contents will appear, all what you have to do is selecting backup section at the top of the list where you will find all the backups you've made on your Mac via iCloud. Simply click on the backup you want to delete and click on delete button.
How To Delete Your iPhone Backup In iCloud Directly From Your iPhone

Now you knew how to delete your old backup files from your Mac and from iTunes, right now we are going to show you how to delete your iPhone backup in iCloud from your iPhone.

STEP 1: Go to Settings----> iCloud---->Storage & Backups---> Manage Storage. At the top you will see all the iOS backups you've made.

STEP 2: Simply tap on the backup you want to delete.

STEP 3: Now tap on "delete backup". A popup will show up, asking if you want to turn off backup and delete all backup data for the device. Select Turn Off & Delete.
The backup will be deleted but iCloud backup will be turned off too. This is fine if you don’t want to backup to iCloud anymore, but in case you do, make sure you go back in Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > and turn iCloud Backup on.

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