GhostPrefs: Enhances Snapchat Features on iPhone

If you are a hard Snapchat user then you probably should check out GhostPrefs jailbreak tweak that will take the app into a higher level of smartness adding too many great features and improvements. For those who aren't familiar with Snapchat, it is a popular social network that allows you to send videos, photos, instant messages that disappear after a predetermined number of seconds.

GhostPrefs jailbreak tweak will add a new settings preferences for Snapchat app that greatly enhances the social network.

GhostPrefs adds a menu of preferences to the Settings app on iPhone for fine-tuning the Snapchat app beyond what is possible on a stock device, including disabling replay alerts, disabling screenshot alerts, disabling typing alerts, removing the character limit, sending pictures and videos from Camera Roll, saving all text messages, smarter filters, never logging out, hiding the new message count, disabling recent contacts and more.

Among all of these features, you will find an option that can be configured for disabling the LED flash from ever going off, disabling access to in-app settings, disabling recent contacts while selecting recipients, disabling the shutter sound while taking a picture, disabling the received video sound, disabling online status for live chat and override features for both temperature and speed filters, including Fahrenheit and Celsius and MPH and KM/H respectively.

GhostPrefs is free on Cydia in the default BigBoss repo.

Give it a try and let us know what do you think about it.


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