Family Sharing information added to App Store listings ahead of iOS 8 launch

Apps in the iOS and Mac App Stores have begun displaying details on Family Sharing, letting users know whether or not the feature is enabled for specific apps ahead of the launch of iOS 8 and Yosemite. Apple has reportedly begun adding information in regards to Family Sharing, a new feature that was unveiled during the iOS 8 announcement, and allows users within a family to share credit cards for purchases, plus more bonuses.

The new piece of information was found by German site,, and will allow developers to notify potential customers whether or not they have turned on the Family Sharing feature within their app. The listing is pretty straightforward, showing “Yes” if the developer has included the functionality, or “Not Available” if they haven’t (yet).

Early iOS 8 betas saw the addition of Family Sharing in the iCloud section of the settings app, and iOS 8 beta 2 and an Apple TV beta laid significant groundwork for Family Sharing, adding a new section for "Family Purchases" to the iOS App Store's purchased tab and a new iCloud Family setting for the Apple TV.

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