Facebook Now Testing the use of stickers in comments

Just in case you like stickers, I would like to tell you that you are going to see them more than usual on Facebook. The company has been spotted testing the use of stickers graphics in posts, pages comments. Many Facebook user now use Stickers to describe their mood at the current moment whether he is excited, sad, happy, etc... Stickers are now growing up very quickly than unusual.

The Next Web has the report:
Some Facebook users are now able to add stickers when posting comments on the social network. We contacted Facebook to learn more, and the company confirmed it is currently testing the new feature.
“We are running a test which allows you to add a sticker to a comment on Facebook,” a Facebook spokesperson told TNW. “Simply tap the sticker to add it to the comment, in the same way you would in Messenger.”
Facebook often tests new features and services within a small subset of users—many of which never see the light of day. It sounds like the company is interested in rolling stickers out to everyone, though, provided it sees positive feedback here.

We will keep you updated with anything new... 


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