China bans Apple products from government purchases due to security concerns

First Russian, and now China. Just as news hit us a week ago that the Russian government is demanding access to the source code for Apple software to ensure it isn’t enabling U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on the 145 million country, Bloomberg Wednesday reported that the Chinese government has taken Apple’s iPad tablets and MacBook notebooks off the procurement list.

The move is widely seen as a backlash against the United States, which charged five Chinese military officers of hacking into American nuclear, metal, and solar companies to steal trade secrets.

While government purchases are not a major sales driver for Apple, it’s worth remembering that China is home to 1.33 billion people and filing as Apple’s third-biggest market by revenue…

Bloomberg reports:
China’s government excluded Apple Inc. iPads and MacBook laptops from the list of products that can be bought with public money because of security concerns, according to government officials familiar with the matter.
State-run China Central Television called the iPhone’s “Frequent Locations” feature a “national security concern”. China TV claimed that the frequent location data could compromise China’s “state secrets” and other sensitive information. Apple had quickly responded to those allegations, clarifying that the company does not have access to Frequent Locations or the location cache on any user’s iPhone at any time.

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