BlurSlide: Gives A Gorgeous look to your "Slide To Unlock" Slider

I love changing my iPhone's UI elements and customize them however I like. BlurSlide is another jailbreak tweak that gives you a new look to your "Slide To Unlock" slider, adding a group of features to the default slider.

Developed by CP Digital Darkroom, BlurSlide allows users to change the original Slide to Unlock design to that of iOS 7.1.x’s power off slider style, which features a round movable knob with a blur background. Yet, the best thing about this tweak is that it provides a lot of options to customize the slider the way you want. Although the tweak is still in the beta phase, it worked smoothly without any issues on my iPhone 5s running 7.0.4.

Remember that using BlurSlide, you will no longer able to swipe any part of the Lock screen to unlock your device. The only way to unlock is to slide the knob from left to right just like in iOS 6.

Once installing the tweak on your iPhone, go to the tweak settings preferences where you will be able to enable or disable the ‘bottom box blur’ which appears right behind the slider. You can also enable or disable passcode lock as well as select a blur style. The tweak offers over 8 different blur styles as follows:
  • Light
  • Ultra Light
  • Notification Center Style
  • Dark Low
  • Ultra Dark
  • Control Center Style
  • Flat Semi Light
  • Ultra Colored
BlurSlide also come with normal features like the ability to change "Slide To Unlock" text, change style of knob and more..

If you want to give it a try, you will have to add the following repo to Cydia sources:

Let us know what do you think about it.


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