BlowToUnlock:Blow At your iPhone To Unlock it

We've seen many times of tweaks that change the default way to unlock/lock your iPhone, but this time it is a little different. BlowToUnlock is a new recently released jailbreak tweak that takes your iPhone into a higher level from amazement. This tweak simply allows you to blow at your iPhone to unlock it.

With BlowToUnlock, you can simply blow at or around the device’s microphone to wake it up or unlock it. Other than the device’s microphone, you can also blow into the headphone’s microphone to unlock the device. However, the good thing is if you have a passcode enabled, you’ll first be prompted to enter it before gaining access to your device. In fact, this ensures that the security of your device isn’t compromised…

Once installing go to the tweak's settings preferences where you will find a switch that enable/disable the tweak and two desired actions where you can blow to unlock the device or to wake screen.

Among these options there is also a Sensitivity option in which you can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone.

The developer also notes that you should disable BlowToUnlock when your device is playing or recording a sound.

Also remember BlowToUnlock is not always 100% accurate since there maybe influencing noises in your current environment.

The tweak works perfectly as advertised and if you’re interested to give it a try, you can download it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.


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