Best Tweaks of The week [Video]

Can't follow latest jailbreak tweaks reviews in the last few weeks ? Don't worry we've got your back with a list of the best tweaks of the week  [August 4-August 10]. In this post we are going to review AppControl, BetterNF, mVisualizer, GlowBadge, BlowToUnlock, and BigBubbles..

So let us start..

BetterNF- $1.99
In case you are a har Netflix user, then you probably should use BetterNf jailbreak tweak. BetterNF will give you the IMDb rating, Rotten Tomatoes critics rating, and Rotten Tomatoes users rating, right there in the info panel of the movie you’re looking to watch. This will give you a better idea of what others thought of the show so you can make an informed decision.

mVisulaizer- $1.99

mVisualizer is a cool tweak for your iOS device that adds an animation to the lockscreen, which adapts to the sound playing on your device or coming from its surroundings. You can change the way these animations look and feel like by choosing from different animations, changing colors and visibility.

But that’s not all as mVisualizer also adds another feature to the lockscreen and that is a voice memo creator, which functions right from your lockscreen. Want to turn your voice memos into reminders? Just set a time to play them automatically. The recordings are stored in an app that can be accessed by tapping on the grabber found on bottom left side of your screen. From this app you can play, delete or share your voice memos. mVisualizer is available in Cydia for $1.99.

Many of us don't like the normal default notification badge that exist on the apps at your iPhone's homescreen. Maybe you want to add some spicy touches to renew the look of the badge, that's what GlowBadge jailbreak tweak do. This tweak will make the apps that have notifications glow. You can change the color of the glow and you can hide the badge notifications if you’d like to get a more minimalistic look.

BlowToUnlock – Free
A lot of us want to change the default way to unlock your device, why don't you try to blow at your iPhone in order to unlock/wake it ? In this case you should use BlowToUnlock jailbreak tweak, it allows you to blow to unlock or blow to wake screen. You can grab it from Cydia store for free..

BigBubbles – Free
If you’re a fan of the new large previews of the photos in iOS 8, then you should check out BigBubbles. It’s going to give you a large preview of photos that you send or receive within the Messages app. No setup required.

Check the full review for all the tweaks in the following video:



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