Apple Starts Sending out Invites for September 9 Event "Wish We Could Say More"

We all have been waiting for any word from Apple to confirm September 9 event. Earlier today Apple has just started sending out invites for September 9 media event and it is entitled as "Wish we could say more". The invite is pretty straightforward, with the Apple logo, and the date..

 The event should be used to unveil the iPhone 6, and rumored to include the iWatch as well.

While there has been much discussion regarding the iWatch, Apple’s wearable, and a release date, it was reported on August 27 that the Cupertino-based company will unveil the device alongside the iPhone 6 during the September 9 event. On the same day, Steve Wozniak opined on Apple’s arrival into the wearables market, believing that the company can make the devices worthwhile to the mass market.

At any rate, 9.9.2014 is very near and we are all waiting for this day... We will keep you updated.

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