Another iPhone 6 Parts reveal larger speaker, embedded Apple logo and redesigned vibrator

Earlier today a group of images has just surfed on the web hint at several design choices Apple engineers took in order to make the device more sleeker and thinner than its predecessor.

The images show internal and external components like SIM trays, the Apple logo, Home buttons, the internal speaker and vibrator motor all appear to be differently designed and engineered than the comparable parts found in the iPhone 5s.

The leaked parts suggest that the next iPhone will be offered in the same silver, gray and gold colorways as the iPhone 5s while featuring an improved vibrator, the embedded logo on the back and possibly an enhanced sound system.

NowhereElse post notes [Google Translate], these parts which have been obtained from an unnamed source offer a good indication about certain design elements of the handset. Starting with the embedded logo on the back, something Apple hasn’t done since the original iPhone (iPads have had them from the onset, though).
Next, we have the SIM trays and the Home buttons.

It Features a notably redesigned appearance (it’s now rectangular, not rounded) than that found inside the iPhone 5s. Whether or not this particular engineering change yields improvements to the iPhone’s vibrate function is anyone’s guess at this point.

Internal speaker: 
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