A Flight Is Evacuated after iPhone catches fire on plane

In the past few months we've heard many bad accidents that happened to the iPhone. This time around, an iPhone managed to force a flight to be evacuated after an iPhone caught fire on the plane. According to a report by AndroidPortal.sk, a flight bound for Prague, Czech Republic from Tel-Aviv, Israel, was evacuated during boarding.

The cause was a girl's burning iPhone 5 and the smoke coming out of it. As soon as Yardin Levi and her fellow passengers noticed the burning phone, the crew asked everyone to disembark. After making sure thing were fine, the passengers were allowed to board again although the girl had to leave her burnt iPhone 5 behind. Luckily, no one was injured.

The cause of the burning iPhone remains unknown, although similar incidents have usually been related to a faulty or overheating internal battery pack. Just months ago, a fourteen-year-old who suffered second-degree burns when her iPhone 5c exploded in her back pocket.

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