Xiaomi smartphone users in China are more engaged than iPhone users

We all know that Apple is a worldwide leader company in software and customer engagement, sometimes referred to as the "Apple Magic". But luck is not always an ally of Apple. According to a new research from mobile metrics firm Flurry reveal that Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has been stealing some of its thunder. Read ahead to see just how well the “Apple of China” is doing.

The research says that Xiaomi had a higher time spent in apps by Chinese smartphone users compared to Apple. The average Xiaomi user spent 7% more time in apps than iPhone consumers, based on a random sample of 23,000 devices in China throughout January 2014.

Nevertheless, Apple maintained a sizeable lead in engagement over its Android competitors. The average Samsung users spent 14% less time in apps compared to iPhone consumers, while the average HTC user spent 27% less time. All other Android competitors came in two percentage points lower.
Flurry took a closer look at what this high usage breaks down to for Xiaomi users, revealing that many are spending more time using entertainment and productivity apps versus gaming and social or messaging apps. Social and messaging apps under-index by 7 percentage points, while gaming falls under by 9 percentage points. Meanwhile, productivity apps over-index by 28 percent and media and entertainment apps by 62 percentage points.
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