This Infographic offers overview of iPhone 6 rumors

Until now, we've seen a large number of leaked parts and many concepts of Apple's next generation iPhone 6. Maybe it can be hard to keep up with all of these iPhone 6 rumors. Luckily, our friends at have compiled an infographic that offers an overview of the latest chatter.
The following Infographic shows some of the more popular iPhone 6 rumors we’ve heard thus far, and the likelihood that they’ll materialize. The data used to create the graphic comes from various tech outlets including AppleInsider, BGR, iDB and other websites...
Conversely, there are a few rumors we’ve heard that don’t seem very likely. For example, the sites gave the iPhone 6 a 25% chance of having haptic feedback tech, and just a 10% chance of a glowing Apple logo. These are some of the more far-fetched theories.

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